1st House (Lagna) lord in 10th House

1) Before knowing effect of 1st house lord in 10th house we have to know about Tanu Bhav and Tenth House .
2)1st house lord in 10th is consider very auspicious. Because Laganesh in 10th house is giving good strength to lagan. In kaalpurush horoscope Laganesh Mars is excellent in 10th house. So native may be naturally fortunate. Native gets success in his life.
3) 10th house is karma house and Laganesh is placed in 10th house which is indicating native may has to do their karma. Native is fortunate but he has to do their karma for getting his fortune . Because Laganesh in 10th house is indicating success through own efforts. Yes luck with him but native always needs to take attempts because he gets success only through own efforts. Laganesh in 10th house is indicating native may be self respectful and doesn't like to getting unnecessary help or simply he is self dependent.
4) 10th belongs to social image of native so laganesh in 10th house is indicating native may has good social image. Native has good looks and good personality. Native having good conduct. Native may has good name and fame but it's depend on horoscope native gets how much fame.
5)10th house belongs to kingship so Laganesh in 10th house is indicating native has relationship with kingdom. Means native may become king but it's depend on horoscope. Or native may be gets profit through government or authority or boss. A powerful laganesh in 10th house is indicating native may be a powerful person such as administrator,minister, head of authority/government/ or other powerful organization.
6) Strong laganesh  in 10th house is indicating native has son. Because 10th house is our karma sthan so when it is strong you have definitely have son for doing your kriya karma (our holistic rituals which perform after death).
7) Laganesh in 10th is indication your lagan is strong so you have a good health.
8)Laganesh in 10th house will give impact on 4th house so native may gets happiness, also through parents. Native may be knowledgeable and Laganesh it self placed in 10th house so native may able to use his knowledge in own profession. Which makes native invention oriented person.
9) Laganesh in 10th house is indicating native is materialistic approach towardslife because 10th house is also arth trikona. Native may also inclination regarding financial matters.
10) Laganesh in 10th house is also indicating native's  father may gets success after his birth or native may be lucky for his father regarding financial gain.
11)Laganesh with 10th lord in 10th house makes 10th house very strong so native always success in his professional life. Specially he gets huge profit in business. Native may be powerful administrator. He haS relationship with higher status people or have higher status in society. Native may be in politics where he gets post and power.
12) For impact of different planet in 10th house you may read Planet in 10th house .