Meditation in the Chakras - Disease prevention.

The center of the eyebrows called " Aagna-Chakra "

All the diseases of the mind will be devastated by meditation.

The following table tells you the benefits of  Meditation

1. " Muladhara "
Cyanosis, cold, constipation, diarrhea, lymph systems, prostate glands, bones and mind-related diseases.

2. " Swadhishthana "
Urinogenital systems, spinal cord, appendix, cataracts, angioplasty

3." Manipur "
Diabetes, paralysis, spleen, eyes, anus, stomach, elimination of negative thoughts, peace and goodwill.

4. " Anaahata "
Asthma, respiratory disorders, madness, depression and cardiovascular diseases. Increasing diagnosis, blood purification, hate and guilty consciousness, increase love.

5. " Vishudha "
Asthma, respiratory disorders, allergy, tuberculosis, arthritis, cure diseases. The feeling of suicide is prevention.

6. "Aagna " - negative
Remedies for pelvic glands. Removing mental weakness, strengthening septic tumors, and good parenting.

7.  "Aagna " Positive
Tulips, Tension, Cancer, Depression, Hate and Disease. To develop memory, to strengthen the central nervous system.

8. " Sahasrara "
Strengthening the entire nurse system, sperm growth.